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Soil Technician/Inspector  


PGE is looking for qualified and experienced construction inspectors for monitoring and inspection of the specialty construction activities relevant to the geotechnical aspects of the project.


Minimum Requirements:


2 years AAS degree or a minimum High School Diploma

1 year of experience as a soil technician/inspector

Able to read and understand the project plans and drawings and specifications 

Nuclear Gauge Certification and Nicet Level I Soil Technician is preferred

Good writing and communication skills, inspection skills, basic computer skills

Ability to prepare clear and intelligible hand-written and computer-rendered reports of field observations

Valid driver’s license with acceptable violation history

Physically fit and capable to lift 50 lbs                                                 

Strong working ethics and kin to learn                                                              

Willing to work long hours in the field             

Willing to drive                        


Minimum Experience Requirements:

Must have experiences with soil types, soil characteristics, and ASTM laboratory soil testing methods.  Also, must have experiences with the geotechnical engineering special inspections in soil and asphalt compactions, pile driving, drilled pier installation, constructions of all types of retaining walls, e.g., rockery, MSE, and gravity block walls, foundations, slab-on-grades, and all types of excavation support systems e.g., shoring, soil nailing, and anchors, construction vibration monitoring, pre- and post-construction surveying of structures, geotechnical instrumentation, settlement monitoring, slope movement monitoring, soil stabilization, dynamic soil compaction, foundation stabilization and underpinning, pre-loading or surcharging, pile load testing, and in OSHA soil types and excavation safety, to a minimum.    


Duties included but not limited to:

Laboratory testing of soils by ASTM methods

Field compaction tests of soil and asphalt

Inspection and monitoring of the geotechnical aspects of the construction activities described above

Field inspection report preparation


PGE to offer:

  • Good and competitive pay range

  • Starting hourly wage based on your experience

  • Training and mentoring to obtain professional certifications on field testing & inspection

  • Benefit package after evaluation and successful completion of training period

  • Mileages reimbursed

  • Medical benefit

  • Flexible work schedule, if needed, with a focus on work/life balance

  • Working with experienced people who have passion to work in the geotechnical and construction field

  • Easy, friendly, and co-operative fun work environment

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