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Project Management


Our definition of project management is to complete a project ‘on budget and on time, complying with the project specifications, and to the client’s satisfaction’. To achieve this goal PGE follows a well-defined project management plan, which includes the following steps. Meet and discuss with the client and its project team to obtain a thorough understanding of the project and its objectives, scope of work, project set-up, scheduling, resource allocation, budgeting, work assignments, cost control, scope and change order control, file and documentation control, loss & risk management, quality control measurements, report preparation, and finally communications.


Our project management plan has been proven successful by the completion of our projects within schedule and budget constraints; however without sacrificing quality or safety to meet the deadlines.


Key to our success in project management is to retain one point source of contact in PGE for any project to perform task scheduling, task monitoring, test report delivering, problem solution, and overall communication with the client. 

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