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Geotechnical Engineering 

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The following is a list of the range of our geotechnical services that are provided by PGE for

public and private projects.


  • Geologic reconnaissance of site subsurface conditions                                                 

  • Subsurface explorations 

  • Geotechnical engineering report preparation

  • Environmentally critical area site evaluation, e.g., landslide, seismic, and erosion hazard sites   

  • Geotechnical engineering analyses & design

  • Geotechnical engineering analysis & design peer review

  • Low Impact Development (LID) site engineering    

  • Foundation alternatives recommendations - shallow & deep foundations

  • Existing foundation stabilization & underpinning

  • Ground improvement – building pad preloading/surcharging, and dynamic compaction

  • Excavation support system - soldier pile wall, tie back anchors, soil nailing, sheet piling              

  • Excavation safety evaluation as per OSHA requirements

  • Retaining wall design parameters recommendations

  • Design of MSE, Gravity block, & Rockery walls

  • Soil stabilization e.g., lime & cement stabilization

  • Soil usage management - reuse of on-site soils as fills, imported fills evaluation

  • Subsurface drainage system, & construction dewatering recommendation

  • Landslide hazard evaluation, numerical slope stability analysis, slope stabilization & protection, slope drainage

  • Seismic hazard evaluation & mitigation, & liquefaction analysis

  • Erosion hazard evaluation & mitigation

  • Pavement design - asphalt, concrete, & porous pavements, pedagogical study, road subgrade improvement 

  • Geotechnical engineering for environmental site clean-up

  • Geotechnical instrumentation for settlement, excavation support system, & slope movement monitoring, & structure crack monitoring

  • Stormwater infiltration evaluation, dispersion feasibility, Pilot Infiltration Test (PIT), field verification PIT test 


Our technical expertise in the geotechnical engineering field is in-depth and wide. PGE has extensive experience and expertise in all disciplines of geotechnical engineering that includes engineering analyses and design, engineering recommendations, value engineering, and also in basic civil and structural engineering. PGE is capable of providing their services in all phases of geotechnical engineering that includes project management, contract negotiation, resource management, engineering analyses and design, technical evaluation, computer application, field and laboratory testing, and construction monitoring and quality control (QC/QA). PGE steps in the project from initial planning and feasibility study, consulting through design criteria development to final design, and ends in verifying the construction is being completed per the project specification and objectives by inspection and observation.

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