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Career Opportunities

Keeping pace with the demand of PGE’s services, PGE is in the process of expanding its services further in the field of geotechnical engineering, QA/QC testing and inspection, and environmental work. In this effort, PGE is currently looking to hire qualified, experienced, highly motivated, result-oriented, individuals in the above categories. In encouraging and motivating the personnel, PGE provides comprehensive benefits and competitive salaries to its employees, which are based on individual’s skills, expertise, experience, and professional certifications. Year-end bonus is provided to the employees based on their performances.


PGE provides a unique opportunity and ambience to its employees for their continuous development in their respective expertise and fields. PGE understands the importance in educating its personnel and improving their skills. PGE encourages and supports individual’s zeal, eagerness, and drive to learn and grow. Rigorous effort is made to educate and train the personnel in implementing engineering principles, techniques, and methods. PGE covers fees associated with professional development including conferences, seminars, on-line education and training and courses, and professional certifications and licensing. PGE maintains a work environment where co-workers thrive and perform their duties in a very friendly manner with each other’s assistance and co-operation, finally providing a team service. Being a small and minority owned business PGE embraces the diversity and inclusivity.

Submittal Requirements:

Please submit resume with educations, qualifications, experiences (if any), and references @ 

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