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Quality Control & Quality Assurance 

Our definition of quality control is to ‘comply with the project specifications and requirements’. We achieve this goal by strictly adhering to accomplish the following steps. The quality control process begins by establishing the exact requirements of the project by considering the technical, schedule, and budget aspects of the project. This is achieved by establishing a very well-defined scope of work derived from a clear understanding of the client’s objectives, and a project budget adequate to support the work.


Then the process continues with assignment of properly trained and qualified personnel and effectively communicating quality requirements to project personnel. As the project progress, conformance to the project requirements is monitored continuously, and necessary and appropriate actions are implemented on an as need basis to meet the project requirements. Continuous quality improvement techniques are the basis of PGE’s successful completion of the projects in the past and to provide better work products and processes. To insure high quality and consistent performances, the QC/QA manager performs periodic audits of our field inspection and laboratory testing procedures, and performances of our inspectors and laboratory personnel.


The key to our success for providing quality service is the direct supervision of all tasks to be performed for a project by a registered professional engineer.


PGE has developed over the years an in-house, comprehensive quality control manual to assure high quality construction monitoring, material testing, and engineering services. PGE serves as a Quality Consultant (QC) for the contractors, which includes contractor's QC Plan preparation, execution and implementation, compliance verification, and closeout report preparation.  

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