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Construction Observation & Testing 

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  • PGE’s construction observation and testing services is based on well-defined project management and stringent quality control guidelines to ensure that the project specifications are met by the contractor.

  • PGE is accredited by a third party certification agency, ANAB, for maintaining its technical competence in the field of construction observation and field testing.

  • PGE has skilled, experienced, and certified engineering professionals & technicians to provide the services.

  • PGE’s inspectors are thoroughly aware and knowledgeable about the project specification, and the design and details. 

  • Our personnel frequently trained to follow the ASTM methods and PGE’s in-house Quality Control Manual procedures and guidelines.

  • PGE maintains current ASTM Testing manuals and local regulatory agencies’ manuals to keep up with the knowledge of applicable regulations and standards.

  • PGE maintains a well suit of field testing equipment that is periodically calibrated by Cal-Cert to obtain the required accuracy of test results.    



PGE provides its observation, monitoring, and testing for the following construction activities. 


  • Compaction testing on backfills 

  • Concrete testing & inspection

  • Shallow and deep foundation system Pile installation and pile load tests

  • Retaining wall construction  

  • Excavation support system, sheet pile, soldier pile, soil nails, tie-back anchor installations

  • Lime or cement stabilization

  • Building pad preloading and surcharge, and dynamic compaction

  • Construction dewatering

  • Groundwater monitoring

  • Foundation stabilization and underpinning

  • Geotechnical instrumentation, settlement monitoring, crack monitoring

  • Roadway subgrade preparation, asphalt compaction

  • Project plan & specification review & final inspection letter preparation

  • Erosion and sediment control leads (CESCL) – erosion control monitoring, stormwater turbidity and pH value on-site testing

  • Environmental hazard site clean-up operation  

  • Construction induced vibration control and monitoring

  • Pre-construction and post-construction condition inspection of structures 

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