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Featured Projects

There are a few staple projects that are defining the greater Puget Sound landscape. PGE is proud to have been a part of several of these. 

  • North Link Extension Northgate to Shoreline (L-200)                                                   

  • East Link Extension I-90 & 112th Ave, Bellevue(E330)

  • East Link Extension Bellevue Tunnel on 110th Ave & 112thAve (E330)                                                     

  • East Link Extension Bellevue 110th Ave to Redmond (E335)                                                             

  • North Link Extension (Brooklyn Station & Roosevelt Station)                                                        

  • South Link Extension SeaTac Airport to S. 200th St.                                                

  • Mid-Day Bus Storage Facility (Airport Way & S. Stevens St.) 

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